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My cats Speedy and Mäuschen

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My cats Speedy and Mäuschen


Here are my two cats
The Black Cat is the problem cat, she has very strong bladder problems and gets special  food from Royal Canin





ralf31 (not verified)
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Hi Iceage

Currently, my cat is better, but there were also times where I was at the vet was more than at home.
I guess Royal Canin s / o High Delution and it helps very well.
My cat has been around, 1 year of operation it bubbles were 3 bladder stone removed

Royal Canin Urinary I had already Unfortunately it is already too weak, the feed

I hope you can understand a little bit, because I use a translator program to work.
I can unfortunately not so good English

I wish you all a nice day



Iceage (not verified)
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Nice Cats,

1 of mine ( Felix) had/has  bladder problems also and is on Royal Canin urinary food from the vet. My other cat eats it also but for him its not neseccary.(but h likes it more then the normal commercial food).

I had cats al my lif but this is the first cat i got with that kind of problems.

maybe its because i adopted him from an animal shelter ? I think not because it mostly is a genetic thing.

(my cats can eat 24 hour a day).




ralf31 (not verified)
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The black cat is the Mäuschen,
the other cat is Speedy



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Joined: Mar 25 2008

Hi Ralf....lovely kitties :)  Which is which?

We have a black one too...used to be my daughter's and she called it Speedy...over time it got nicknamed Poppet and now that name's stuck Laughing out loud


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Hello Ralf, what beautiful cats you have!  And such characters Smiling

I have moved 2 of your photos to this post as the maximum number of photos per post is 4.  You can see the guidelines for posting pictures here. Thanks for sharing your pictures.


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