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Naledi Soundwalk Live Audio

Naledi Soundwalk   -The Local Time Is:

Naledi Soundwalk


This is an African soundwalk being broadcast LIVE from South Africa. Sit back and listen to the wild sounds of the African bush.

Naledi Game Lodge, Balule Game Reserve, South Africa

Naledi Game Lodge, Balule Game Reserve, South Africa

Naledi Game Lodge is set right in the heart of Big Game country, unfenced to the world's most famous reserve, the magnificent Kruger National Park. The Naledi waterhole camera is extremely remote and presents a realistic depiction of untouched Africa and its wildlife. It provides the very best of woodland and savannah. Run exclusively on solar power, this all green operation aims to bring wild Africa to you wherever you are, with LIVE full motion video and dynamic sound.

When to view: From a game viewing perspective, animals are around throughout the year with peak viewing over the winter months from around May to October. There are the usual suspects during the day. You can catch the sunrise or sunset “rush” before waiting for the night time sightings, when some of the rare animals make an appearance. 2019 All Rights Reserved

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