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Name of the Dayly New Topics

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Name of the Dayly New Topics

Just a thought for 2008.

By accident I started a new day in a different way for Streaming Campics and Sightings &Time .

After that I realized it gave me some more comfort.

By using many tabs in Firefox it gave me the first  words like Sightings and Time or Cam Pics instead of all taps starting with the Date.

I know when I go over the tabs with my mouse it will show too. But hé just a suggestion.

Also, I start always from Active Discussion to see where are new posts and there too it could help in navigating the Boma and knowing where the thread is for



Bob Fin (not verified)
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In the Watering Hole, you put the "Cam Chat" first and I like that!  The date is easier to find in the title of the thread than the type of thread is.  I sometimes click on the wrong thread - Cam Discussion instead of Cam Chat and then realize it later after I submitt a post. 

Good idea Swift!

Swift (not verified)
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Had the time to try it out for a few other threads.

See how it works.

Other suggestions are welcome.


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Joined: Oct 16 2005

Swift, we were just discussing it why some ppl prefer to start a topic with the date, others with the day or others with the thread. Your idea seems logically the best.

Any other ideas or preferences?

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