Narrator Microphone?

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Narrator Microphone?

I'll admit that I haven't thought this ALL out, except for a couple possible issues*. I did search but couldn't find a previous discussion about this topic. If one exists, I apologize for not finding it.

How hard would it be to put a microphone at the camera's controls so that whoever is controlling the cams could do some 'limited' narration of certain events? I don't mean loud play-by-plays like some sports announcer, or disc jockey. Just a normal person who could chime in once in awhile with BRIEF and calm announcements. I do like the natural sounds, but would love the occasional, brief, calm and to-the-point comment from a cam operator.

For example: I occasionally log in late at night (Africa time) and sometimes it appears that the operator is frantically trying to find something. It makes me wonder what I missed.

I realize there are chat rooms, but that is often cluttered with non-relevent talk.

*A couple of possible problems: 
Bandwidth (a.k.a. $$$)
If the cam op doesn't speak english, a lot of us would be out of luck Smile

Your thoughts?

Thank you!


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Feedback. That is one thing I didn't think about. A simple momentary contact button could eliminate that problem. Pressing this button could enable the operators mic while disabling the camera's microphone. This would also eliminate unwanted background noise, such as barking dogs, while this button is pressed.

Technically I believe it is very do-able ... but probably an unwanted headache Smile


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I haven't really taken the time to think of the best answer for you, but a couple just off the top of my head.  Smiling

There are several zoomies all over the world and I have no idea how their mics could be set to go through the system to a particular cam - since often one zoomie is looking after all the cams at the same time.

Also, many of the zoomies have pets of their own and you would then hear a barking dog or meowing cat and would not know where those sounds would be coming from.

The zoomie would also be listening to the cams and you would get feedback from all those through a mic as well.

Why not come into the Boma chat - there isn't as much chatter going on in there.  You can find today's chat here.


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