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never see anything!!

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never see anything!!

I have been accessing this website for several months now; have been a "member" for just as long -- but it seems no matter what time of the day or night I get online, I NEVER see any animals.  Just the boring landscape.  I'm beginning to question the validity of this site.....can anyone tell me what I may possibly be doing wrong -- why I never see anything???


peterdw777 (not verified)
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You need to contact Africam themselves about this problem.

What happened is a few months ago there was a very bad storm one night and the staff had to rush out and bring all the animals in (they're all made of plaster of paris) in case they broke. Unfortunately, due to the global credit crunch, they've had to sell these models and are now awaiting a new supply, which should arrive pretty soon.

Contact Africam and ask them to put out the temporary animals for you to see. The lioness looks really good but the lion looks cross eyed and is named Clarence (google Clarence the cross eyed lion).

The giraffes are good likenesses too.

Hope that helps! 

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Wyogrl...I had the same thoughts when I first started watching...until I saw my first animal...then I was hooked.  So just bear with it, you will see something and it is for real.

I don't know how long you have the cams on each time, but if you can leave them running for a while you will increase your chances as the critters seem to come and go fairly quickly.  Good luck with it :) 


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You aren't doing anything wrong wyogrl, it's a case of being in the right place at the right time - it's absolutely for real. Check out the Africam Wild Youtube Group, here

Welcome aboard! Smiling

Aquila (not verified)
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Well, if you are watching the Nkorho cam right now... no animal in sight but a lion roaring fairly close by. The animals are on no schedule but I have seen and recorded many exciting animal sightings.

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