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New Format

It will take me a while and some "messing up" I'm sure, but I will adapt to the new format.  Anyone with suggestions to digesting this a bit easier -- please reply and I will be most appreciative.  Saw that magnificant Kudu a bit ago.  I think it was a kudu.  Await the new cameras. 

A wonderful education still.




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Hi Slim,

The easiest way for me to navigate the new boma is to do the following ....

Go to "forums"

Click on Active Discussions

There you can see all the threads that have been active. You will see a column for "replies" on the right hand side, underneath that it will show you how many replies there have been in a particular topic, and how many "new" replies there are. If you click on "new" you will be taken straight to those replies.

I hope that helps Smiling


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