Tembe cam has limited to no control of the cam at times. Nkorho cam has connection problems. We are working on a solution.

New Player

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We have released a new player for viewing the Nkorho waterhole. We will see how it performs over the next few hours and make decisions accordingly.

If u do experience problems, or have any suggestions, please make them in this topic


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That's great news

That's great news admin...thanks.

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we will be doing some re

we will be doing some re engineering on sound & a few other things next week

Africam Drupal Admin

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I can occassionally hear a

I can occassionally hear a bird sound but for the most part all I get is a buzzing sound.

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Cam has been down all night

Cam has been down all night for me. Sometimes it plays that opening video then closes down. Sometimes it doesn't even play the vid.

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OK...that's just a

OK...that's just a difference between WMP 11 and WMP 9....just different wording, same effect. Leave the check there and send me that email. I have a couple things for you to try. Don't make any other changes either....

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Maxx,I finally found the


I finally found the security in the tools you were talking about.  It finally hit me to look in the WMP tools and not IE tools!  Anyway, the box that is checked says "run script commands and rich media streams when the player is in a web page."  There isn't one that I see that says "do not run ...."  It's the only box that is checked.  Should I check the others?

I PM'd you the media player that I have.  It's WMP 11


Bob Fin

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Got your PM...but for

Got your PM...but for whatever reason...the PM system won't allow me to post what I need to either. Email me....

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Maxx, Please don't stop

Please don't stop trying. You are the only one who is trying to figure out the problems. I am trying to find out what version of Windows media player I have. After I find out, maybe I'll PM you. Again, thanks for trying to help me out!

Bob Fin

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maxx wrote: this comment has

maxx wrote:

this comment has been removed by Sabine.

please see Katja's post here

Excuse me.....

I understand the need to prohibit the posting of direct feed links. It bypasses ads. However....just how is someone supposed to help these people out, who can't get the feed, without narrowing down the problem to either the stream itself, extranious scripts and local settings? This type of narrowing is standard operating procedure in tech support. A process of elimination...not a way to beat advertisements.

 Now I have spent a good part of this day researching why some people got bounced out of the cam party after the switch to the new servers...and have very little to go. Nobody is helping these people or the ones in the other threads. No input of any technical information from administration that would allow people like myself to look for solutions...or for people to help themselves. Like the problem awhile back with the anti-spam security modules causing problems....if we can't talk about a problem, we surely can't fix it.

OK...the speech is over. But so are my attempts to troubleshoot website or cam problems. Don't mean to be snippy about this and it I know it sounds cliche'....but I was just trying to help.

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One other thing to look

One other thing to look at...

Open your windows media player and pull down the "tools" menu and click options. When control panel appears, click the "security" tab. Look for a section that says, "Do not run script commands and rich media streams if the Player is running inside a Web page." If there is a check in that box...remove and hit OK. If there is no check there....just cancel out.

This and the tests mentioned above are all I have right now for this problem....

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