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New thread for only Josh reports

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New thread for only Josh reports

With Josh to soon have a laptop to report sightings to us, please make it easier to find this information. Create a separate thread for "Josh sightings reports" for only Josh to post in. If anyone captures a video of him tracking and reporting from the waterhole, this should be allowed in the thread also.

Any questions to Josh (and his answers) should stay in the Q&A as is today. So much valuable information he has already given us on sightings has been buried and I would like to see this made easier to keep track of in the future. This would be similar to the Karin thread but instead Josh would make his own posts in it.

If this has already been suggested and this is a dup, I'm sorry...I couldn't find it. 

Thank you. 


smalldog (not verified)
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I've been hoping Josh would be set up with a blog here, which would keep his reports, answers, images, etc. in one nice area for everyone to read.

spidera (not verified)
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