Tembe and Nkorho Cams are down. We are working on solutions.

New: Two daily topics in the Watering Hole

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New: Two daily topics in the Watering Hole

Hello everyone,

We now have two daily topics in the Watering Hole:

  • The Nkorho Sightings Discussion topics are only for Nkorho Cam sightings related observations and discussion. If you have any questions/answers about animals seen on the cam, you can also use the "Nkorho Sightings Discussion" topic. Everything else will be removed from the topic.

  • The Nkorho Chat topic is the place where you can chat about Nkorho Cam, say hellos, goodbyes and things like "great pic" and "is the cam down?". This is also a place where you can share your stories from Africa and about animals and chat about other things.
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