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New Viewers from Georgia, USA

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New Viewers from Georgia, USA

My sons and I are excited to get the live streams working.  We downloaded Safari and are having a great time watching.  I'm hoping all four of us will learn to recognize animals and animal calls.  I'm also looking forward to getting to know you all!

Good Tidings,


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Joined: Mar 14 2006

Welcome to Africam Trish!


rmj (not verified)
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Thanks Katja (and everyone) for the warm welcomes.

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Welcome to Africam!

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Hi and welcome to the forum rmj. I hope you will join us in the different daily chat and discussion threads where we talk about what we are seeing and hearing at the waterholes. Feel free to ask any questions there also.


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Hello Trish & sons!

Here are some links you might find helpful:

Africam Boma guidelines & rules

The How to's and useful links

Sounds of Nkorho

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