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newb here! Pictures?

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newb here! Pictures?

So I I'm very new to Africam and was wondering how yall took these pictures. Is it just print screen or what? Smiling I wasn't sure where to post this

jsrsolution (not verified)
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Can i now there is some software through that i can get my own photos to canvas. I am searching this software from last many times but didn't come up with results.

Thanks in advance.


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Teemee2293 wrote:
I followed what the site said with the whole untick overlays and it is still black. Any ideas?

Maybe this webpage can help you fix the problem:

How to fix a blank capture of a movie player

Teemee2293 (not verified)
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Hmm, I downloaded the software and It mostly works... but when I try to take a picture of the video it is black. I followed what the site said with the whole untick overlays and it is still black. Any ideas?

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Hi and welcome to the forums.  That link should be a good start for you on how most of us do the cam captures.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  Notice there are daily picture posting threads made for the streaming cam pics at the waterholes, there are also other threads for other topic pictures.  Will look forwards to seeing your pictures you post.


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Welcome teemee. There are many useful links from the Home Page. Click this one to post pictures. You will be addicted to Africam before you know it. Smile

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