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Nickname The Chicks Contest

Name The Chicks Contest

Help Africam and the Pot Plant Owl name her chicks. Each chick has their own unique personality and characteristics that will help you find a name that suites them best.

Post your suggested names and short meanings / explanation for each chick below as a comment to this page and we will choose the best 5 for the community to vote on.

The closing date for your posts will be 22nd October.
Allan and Tracy have generously offered one of the magnificent Pot Plant Owl coffee books to the person who comes up with the best names.

To watch the Pot Plant Owl and her chicks go to:

Pot Plant Owl Cam

For more information on the Eagle Owls please go to:



Terms and Conditions:

-The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
-You may post as many times as you want
-The prizes are not transferable, nor can they be converted into cash.
-The winner will be contacted and the prize posted to them
-Winners will be notified on The Africam Facebook page and Africam website.
-The winner is required to respond within two months of being notified or they may forfeit their prize if Africam see fit.

*If 2 or more entries contain the same names, only the first entry will be eligible.

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 Grace, Faith and HopeWe


Grace, Faith and Hope

We have all said a prayer of Grace for their food.  We have Faith that they will grow into adult owls.  We all have Hope for a long life. 


Thank you for this opportunity.

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 Hi owl lovers! Here are my


Hi owl lovers! Here are my entries. Thank you for your votes and have a nice day!

1. 'Bundi' (owl in Swahili)

2. 'Bubo' (Spotted Eagle Owl genus/species name is: 'Bubo africanus')

3 'Zuma' (in honor of South African president Jacob Zuma)

4. 'Stompie' (Stompie Manana was a famous name amongst the Johannesburg music fraternity. A famous trumpeter, Stompie Manana was one of the founding members of the African Jazz Pioneers.)

5. 'Nelson' (male) or 'Mandela' (female) (in honor of Nobel Peace prize winner Nelson Mandela.)

6. 'Motlana' (Dr. Nthato Motlana is a famous personality of Johannesburg. Dr. Nthato is a famous businessman, political activist, a popular academician and philanthropist who is renowned for his contribution to Johannesburg politics and economy.)

7. 'Veren' ('feathers' in Dutch)

8. 'Kito' ('jewel' or 'precious child' in Swahili)

9. 'Kitwana' ('pledged to live' in Swahili)

10. 'Marini' ('healthy' or 'pretty' in Swahili)

11. 'Panya' ('mouse' or 'tiny baby' in Swahili)

12. 'Mosi' ('first born' in Swahili)

13. 'Amani' ('peace' in Swahili)

14. 'Asali' ('honey' in Swahili)

15. 'Baraka' ('blessing' in Swahili)

16. 'Imara' ('strong' in Swahili)

17. Malkia ('queen' in Swahili)

Thank you for reading (this took a lot of work!). I appreciate your consideration, as I would LOVE to win a book! Smiling

Thank you.

Jamie Fox

Los Angeles, California USA


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Owleggsander, Eggscowliber,

Owleggsander, Eggscowliber, and Shelby

For the owl eggs they came from.

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I think the small one should

I think the small one should keep her/his name Teenie, the large one Rocky and the middle one Phoebe.

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Sahara for the

Sahara for the largest

Scout  or  Sierra for the second

Savanna for the smallest

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Little one Teenie, of

Little one Teenie, of course, since that's what everyone is calling her/him.

Middle one Eenie

Biggest one Beanie

Mom Minee

Pa Moe

I will love them no matter what they're called! Smile

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Curly (Teeny), Larry (the

Curly (Teeny), Larry (the biggest) and Moe (the medium-sized owlette)

named for the Three Stooges

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A couple of suggestions for

A couple of suggestions for names:


Indie (for Indiana Jones) for the most adventurous one

Isabel and Iris for the other two -- Iris because of the big eyes and Isabel because it just seems to go along with the other two "I"s

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Payday - old military word

Payday - old military word for the eagle (paycheck or money) flies.

Traffic - the rock group that sang "Where The Eagle Flies", in 1974.

Tippin - the singer, Aaron Tippin, singer of "Where the Stars & Stripes & The Eagle Flies".  Tippin's nickname would be Teeny.



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Teenie, Queenie, and Sweenie

Teenie, Queenie, and Sweenie


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