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Nickname The Owl Chicks - VOTE 2 (The Biggest)

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It's time to vote!

All the nominations are in, and 5 finalist names have been selected for each of the chicks. A copy of "Pot Plant Owl" - The Book will be awarded to the first person who submitted that particular name in their entry. Next up, (the biggest one - dark face) Voting for the 2nd chick will close on Monday Nov. 1

CLICK HERE for a special thank you from Allen & Tracy, the discoverers of Pot Plant Owl.

VOTE #2 - The Biggest One (dark face)



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I love the name Jelani for

I love the name Jelani for the biggest chick!  I had no trouble voting for Teeny but for some reason I could not cast my vote for the big baby.  One more to go, the Explorer, as he is known in my household.