Nickname The Owls - A Special Thank You


Firstly, a big thank you to everyone that has been watching 'our' owl family, and took the time to nominate names for the three chicks. We had a great number of entries to wade through. - some funny, some very original, others quite interesting.


It's been hard to narrow down to only 5 choices per chick. Before you read the shortlist of names, I'd like to make specific mention to a couple of entries not chosen, but that deserve a special mention. Firstly, to those people that came up with The Three Muskateers' names – Athos, Porthos and Aramis. Original and really appropriate – thank you. The only reason why we did not choose these names, is because last year''s chicks were nicknamed “The Three Muskateers” so we can't do that again. Secondly, to those really original entries that were wickedly funny, but we felt the chicks couldn't be named after - for example, Tea (from the cannisters in the kitchen), and Betty Ford.

Finally to Manuela who came up with Peter, Pauly and Oscar (PPO!) - very original and thank you.

Good luck in deciding the final names!

-Allan & Tracy

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Best of luck for the future,

Best of luck for the future, I have had so much enjoyment watching you all grow.

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