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Night Drives

Night drives can be an exciting experience as it gives one a window into the life and activities of animals seldom or infrequently seen during daylight hours. It must be appreciated however that when we observe animals in the day we can see them without having to use artificial light. Not so at night where we have to resort to using powerful spotlights. These aids must be used with discretion and respect. Some animals rely on the dark to evade potential predators whereas predators make use of the dark to hunt more effectively. Injudicious use of a spotlight can compromise both the hunter and the hunted. Shining a bright spotlight directly into the eyes of animals can blind them and momentarily leave them defenseless or incapable of hunting effectively.

When we enter the world of wild animals at night and have to resort to using artificial light, the operator of the spotlight must be sensitive to animals needs and observations must be carried out, as far as possible, without being intrusive.