Tembe and Nkorho Cams are down. We are working on solutions.


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Africam team would like to apologize for the malfunction of the camera, due to network problems we have with our local Telco but it is being attended. Sorry for the inconvenience that has been caused.

Gerda (not verified)
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Camera is back here !!!!


Sarge UK (not verified)
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Thanks for keeping us up to speed Raymond. I'm sure everyone understands that kit malfunctions sometimes. All at Africam are doing an outstanding job. Many thanks to your team.

the goldendragon (not verified)
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thanks Raymond as always for the info.  

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I too am glad it isnt 'me'!!!!!

Thanks for letting us know Raymond.


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cynthiab (not verified)
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*shew* I'm just glad the problem isn't on MY side.


Thijs (not verified)
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In anticipation. Hope ur back soon. Friend of mine in JHB was ofline for a few months due to telco prob's. Cool

Great cam, pitty I missed the excitement last night. More luck soon.

Cheers from Holland


TheEyeSpyKid (not verified)
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No apologies needed... things in life malfunction or break. But I do appreciate the information... this way we know it is not our computers.


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