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Nkorho Watering Hole Chat - Monday 27th August, 2007

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Nkorho Watering Hole Chat - Monday 27th August, 2007

new day

Let's chat about the animals and what ever.

cynthiab (not verified)
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But I'm still leaning towards Garbo the more I watch.

I think the white you all are seeing is reflection not tail.

Guess we'll never know for sure.

cynthiab (not verified)
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The thing that keeps bothering me about that vid is the way the cat is holding its head right before it turns to walk away. Granted it seems to then smell something but still seems odd. That doesn't look like Garbo to me, especially since she is just getting comfortable here. I would expect the head to be up & alert.

I love the way the one rhino (is that Papa?) can't even be ersed to get up even with baby Huey right there lol.

sagresta (not verified)
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Hi Ya'll!  I just saw the Rhino/Cat video & I think it was a Lion. 

Was really cool the Rhinos didn't seem to be bothered by it, but they left when a Hyeana showed up.

lionlady (not verified)
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Aquila wrote:

Video of the cat

Rhinos and Cat



I think I would vote leopard.  Looked like it was shorter-faced  and shorter-necked than a lion...

Aquila (not verified)
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Probably right Mike but we have seen Cheetahs several times at Nkorho and one of the best sightings was at night. Smiling

Ms Charlie (not verified)
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Ann wrote:

Fellow cammers, before I do wet my pants and start to cry, please, all in unison, on the count of three, say


Ready?     ONE!  TWO!   THREE!    MOVE THE CAM!!!!!

The problem as I see it ANN is........ya forgot to write it from an alien.....you have proved over and over again, if ya write it, it will happen...Smiling

Yea I know, go back to my corner...Smiling

You think YOU have problems. I just sat here with a mess of kids, THOUGHT we had recorded ALL of that Rhino action, ONLY to discover our hard drives were full, and the external one FULL. grrrr

PLEASE tell us someone recorded all of that..

NOW.....MOVE THE CAMERA.....Smiling Please.....Smiling

Ann (not verified)
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All Africam Addicts who keep track of sightings in the evening hours at the waterhole express grateful thanks to the technicians who worked long into the night to improve the quality of the cam picture.  After a great deal of tweaking, a much improved view of the wh is now being observed.  It is good that the animals have also stayed out of view until things were resolved.  Even though a cat was sighted and the wind has increased, trackers are still hoping that many will return and would especially like to see the mysterious cat return.  With the improved picture quality and positioning of the cam, trackers are confident they will be able to positively identify this cat when it next appears.  Again, thanks to the technicians and zoomies.  Have a good sleep, knowing you have pleased a lot of Africam Addicts!

cynthiab (not verified)
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Well that narrows it down to...


Inthula's mystery girl


Ain 't it grand to have so many options!

Unless of course our mystery leopard was actually Inthula. Not sure if Mac has other info or not since we didn't get that great a look that night.

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Joined: Apr 10 2007

The legs are not long enough, body too meaty and head too big for a cheetah. Also cheetah do not do much at night as their night vision is not all that great. Finally there are just not that many cheetah in the Kruger area.  My #1 choice is leopard and #2 choice is lion.


Mike Moss http://www.pbase.com/mytmoss www.mytmoss.com Planning my next trip !

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Joined: Mar 17 2007

Aquila...Congratulation on being great Aunt, don't new babies make you feel so good.

My DS1's wife had their first baby at 2:56 am Hawaii time so we are floating on cloud nine again. Kinda on pins and needles though cause  no one has yet heard if my son knows of the news, I sent IM's and she left messages. The Red Cross was contacted but they said give them  24 hours.  He is due home in a few days but has missed the birth. Jacob Matthew is a healthy 7.72 lbs. 


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