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Nkorho Watering hole chat Monday June 25, 2007

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Nkorho Watering hole chat Monday June 25, 2007

New Day

karen-inVA (not verified)
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Lady's Mom (not verified)
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Let's see if this works.....THAT was a quick rhino run-by! LOL

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Joined: Feb 14 2007

Rhino just strolled by-  on a mission of some sort - didn't even stop for a drink! Wink


Member of the buffalo frog fan club!

lionlady (not verified)
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Saw rhinos and duiker and/or impala, but having a hard time both with buffering and with using this new format.  I have no idea where this comment is going to pop up...Embarassed

karen-inVA (not verified)
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lol... I think we are all playing with the different settings.

Pansyplaid (not verified)
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Hi everyone


Just trying this out.  I didn't realize I had to log in again today.  Bummer!!


Well here goes,,,


shelbelle33 (not verified)
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  evening all, I see you have had our rhino family outing tonight. I wonder what happened to baby. Hello

karen-inVA (not verified)
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Our Zoomie has probably read so much about some of our exciting and strange Midnight Visitors, that she wants to join us tonight.

Hope she gets a good show too.

sagresta (not verified)
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Hi everyone!  I saw on the previous page some discussion on how to setup the font & font size.

 I was messing with that in my profile yesterday but it did not work.  Could someone share with me on "how to" do this?   Pleasssee?

Sungura (not verified)
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It's nice that Zoomie is still up.  Now if only we could have another elephant council, or maybe a lion luau.Laughing

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