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NKorho cam

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NKorho cam

Yeah, scare the lion away so we can't enjoy watcing him from the cam. It would have been nice to watch the lion, I just signed on and was so happy to see a lion.

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I know, but they can go out

I know, but they can go out every night and look for lions, it is not that often that we get to enjoy a lion by the water and watch it from our home. I just would have liked to watch it  for more then a minute. I like to be able to study the animals I get to see on the cam, I can't go out and look for them in the bush every night. I don't think my computer chair has the proper wheels. WinkSmile

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Hi there,I am sure it was

Hi there,

I am sure it was NOT there intention to scare away the lions.  They just went out to watch them like we were doing on the cams

Nick Griffin

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