Lights are not working at Tembe. Idube cam is down. Nkorho cam is down due to storm damage. We are working on solutions.

Nkorho Cam Sightings Discussion,Monday 5 November 2007

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Nkorho Cam Sightings Discussion,Monday 5 November 2007

Welcome to a new day

Lady's Mom (not verified)
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The lightning is getting more frequent & closer.  Enough with the storms already!  How about just some nice, gentle rain?

Sparrow (not verified)
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14.21 - just 1 Egyptian Goose...

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A saddle-billed stork just landed at the waterhole.


Calista (not verified)
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The lightening was neat to see but now I am staring at the ground.  I guess we just have to hope something will walk by in that specific area.

Auntie Lyn (not verified)
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Very interesting lightening happening at the waterhole. One looked like ball lightening across the tree line. It's definitely getting closer and closer. The 5 geese don't seem to mind. Something just stirred them up, wonder if a critter is coming?

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