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To Hunt or not to Hunt - a Challenge

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To Hunt or not to Hunt - a Challenge

A challenge to all those here who are decidedly and unshakeably Anti-Hunting!

The Wildlifecampus course 'Hunting - A Balanced Perspective' will be issued free to the Bomite who submits the 'most vociferous' anti-hunting message here.

Please post them under this topic heading only.

The course was written by Charl F. Badenhorst, and was derived from his Masters Degree Thesis in Philosophy (Applied Ethics) completed under the Unit for Environmental Ethics at the University of Stellenbosch. The views of Charl Badenhorst do not necessarily represent those of WildlifeCampus, its management or staff [or WLC students!]

Your anti-hunting messages will be judged by Todd Kaplan of Wildlifecampus - and the winner will be the person who, in his opinion, presents the best/most vociferous argument against hunting in South Africa.

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"katja" wrote:
Tanya, I totally agree with you! I just can't express myself like that in English, and that's why I don't participate in the challenge. If I had to say it in my own words, it would just be: I have no problem with people hunting for the food they need but trophy hunting sucks big time! There is nothing to be proud of if you shoot an animal from the distance.

I wonder if I lived in Africa and had to deal with all of it on a daily bases if I might have a different opinion. I would love to hear from those that live there. Here in Kansas the worst we can run into out and about in the country is a Badger or Bob cat. The Badgers are a fearsome creature. My sister lives in the country and called in the Wildlife Service here to capture and move one from her property. One of her moma cats had kittens and it caught and killed them all. The moma cat suffered severly while trying to defend them. She had to be put down. I went out the next day to help her clean up the mess and there was a little kitty leg and one of the little heads laying there. We buried them with the moma.

I do have a funny story about my brother-in-law and a skunk. It was back in the 80's when we had bad cases of rabies. He worked for the County and ran a road grader on the country roads. (The road grader is a large machine. The tires alone stand about three feet tall) He was stopped along side the road, when he heard what appeared to be growling and thrashing about. The skunk was attacking the tires, trying to bite them. He threw the top off of his thurmes at it, but it just kept it up. A farmer happened by and stopped to see what was going on. Les told him to go call the game warden. The man went on and called, but came back with his gun. By then the skunk was spraying everything in site. He shot the skunk and when the game warden came he took the body in for testing. The skunk did have rabies. Just imagine something the size of a domestic cat attacking an elephant.

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Tanya, I totally agree with you!
I just can't express myself like that in English, and that's why I don't participate in the challenge.
If I had to say it in my own words, it would just be: I have no problem with people hunting for the food they need but trophy hunting sucks big time! There is nothing to be proud of if you shoot an animal from the distance.

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Tanya - you are the only one who has, so far, had the courage to post your opinion here and for that I salute you!

I am still 'sitting on the fence' about certain aspects of hunting but I think that I have made my general opinion known on various forums before.

My opinions have not been, in general, terribly popular with some 'africam friends' but they have mostly accorded me the respect of allowing me to voice my opinions and I appreciate that they have not judged me negatively for my opinions.

I just wish that others could find the courage to post, as you have done, and to enter into a debate which could make a difference to the survival of many species in Africa and, in fact, in the rest of the world.

I have received emails about this challenge from people who are too scared to post because they are afraid of getting a 'back-lash' from other Africammers and of 'losing friends' as a result......

My response to them is that no-one should be scared to voice their opinions and, if it means that their 'Africam friends' no longer speak to them because they do not agree and can not/will not listen to both sides of the argument, whether they are pro or anti hunting, because (presumably) they are afraid that they may have to change their stance, they were never true friends in the first place!

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Just to get this going and I am really not interested in winning anything, just wanted to share my own thoughts. I am sure some will disagree, but this is me not them.

To Hunt or Not to Hunt, that is the question!

This issue is really hard for me. I sometimes feel like a hypocrite for the things I feel are right and wrong.

Let me start by saying I grew up in a family that hunted. I was the last of a litter of 7, and I was my daddy's little girl or should I say tomboy. He taught me to hunt and fish. I had my own 410 shotgun and 22 Rifle at the age of 10. My dad taught me that you only kill what you will eat. You do not kill any animal for the fun of it, if you do not intend to eat it, leave it alone. I can kill my own game, clean it and cook it. That is how I was raised.

During our hunting trips, we would take in the world around us, marvel at the beautiful colors of the trees and the animals and birds. So to me, it was all run together. I respected the wildlife, but we also killed and ate them.

I am a long way from that 10 year old. I found Africam in 1998 and was so WOW'd by the African Wildlife! I sat for hours just watching them, and waiting on them to show up or the drives to start. Not unlike so many of my Africam mates. Then the talk of the killing for pleasure started to seep into the conversation and messages I would get. I was sent links and messages about the things that were happening to the animals in Africa. I thought to myself, if the people are hungry then why shouldn't they be allowed to hunt to feed their families, we did! I still feel that way. If it meant the difference between my family starving or eating, I would hunt.

Then the articles started to tell a different story. I started looking things up myself. There were corrupt and rich people getting richer and fatter off of the sale and killing of the animals in Africa. There were stories of people, they called poachers, killing animals and then selling the meat. There were stories of people, they called poachers, setting out traps, they called snares to capture these animals. BUT these animals suffered horrendous deaths, as they were set traps that were never tended. I wondered why on earth would someone set these wire snares, in what seemed to me just to torture these animals with a slow death. This wasn't people hunting for food to feed their families. These were sick heartless individuals, setting out to cause needless pain and suffering to these creatures.

Now lets get into the BIG game hunting business that is going on. This is totally against my up bringing. If you kill it, you eat it. To kill an animal, to just stuff it or hang it on your wall is just wrong. It seems so simple to me, but I know it isn't simple to the people that rely on this business to feed their families. No matter how big the hunting business gets in Africa, the little people, the ones that are born there and live there will never get a better life from it. The ones running the game hunting lodges and the government people involved with them, they will get fatter and richer.

I read the stories of the drugging and killing of hand raised animals, or as they call them human printed animals. To me that would be like people opening the gates of a Zoo and letting people come in and take shots at them. I don't call killing an animal for a trophy hunting. That to me is just someone wanting to puff up their own pride, by telling people they went to Africa and hunted like they were the Great White Hunters of old. I can't for the life of me see how they can go home with their trophy and tell people they shot a wild animal and people would believe it. I can't believe people are that gullible or stupid!

The future for the real people of Africa is in their Wild Animals, but not by breeding them for hunting, or killing off the ones in the reserves. Their future lies in keeping those animals for future generations to see, in their own natural habitat's. Places that allow the animals to roam free, that is the real future for the African people. That is actually true for all people, around the world, not just in Africa. There should be land set aside so all of the wonderful animals in the world can have a place to live and live free. People need to learn that they don't need everything and everyplace, they can share, and in so doing allow harmony between man and beast.

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