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Info: Camera operators

Hi to all Africam webcam viewers.

I am Karin an employed at Nkorho Bush Lodge and am one of the camera operators. Our apologies for the camera problems experienced this morning. We had some technical difficulties. After reading the forum about all the questions you have about the camera operators and the lodge, here is some background to what the webcam intails. Tthere are a number of staff members operating the camera, the camera is operated by remote contol from the lodge and the pan is situated about 300 metres in front of the lodge. Blurred vision is sometimes experienced when strong winds are blowing or large birds are perching on the branches as the camera itself is situated in a tree next to the pan.
Normally from about 22H00 the camera is not maned.

Should you have any questions please forward them to us. We wish you many hours of great viewing.

Bush greetings


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"sabine" wrote:
when you want to book a vacation, just give me a call and I'd be happy to sub in while you are away. LOL!

LOLOLOLOL...i think she IS on vacation - "when you do a job you love - it means never having to WORK."

Karin and co. THANKS so much for the work you all put in at the cam. It is truly wonderful. African wildlife at our homes...

JUst one request - would it be possible for you to add text to the screen? when there are any animals on screen - can we have their name appearing on screen for newcomers?

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Hi Karin, and all the Cam operators !

A big Thank You for all the great pics and views you all provide ! I love the fact that their is actualloy someone to talk to abut the camera. You all are doing a great job and this is an experience !

Thank You !!!!!

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Hello Karin and everyone at Nkorho Lodge!

Thank you so much for all of your hard work behind the camera!

I am pleased that you guys finally communicated with us on the forum!

I am amazed at the huge number of animals that are within cameraview each day and the fact that they come so close to the lodge. Like it isn't even there.

You guys give us just a glimpse of the fun and adventure we would have if we were there in person. Keep up the good work


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A heartfelt hello from Canada Karin

As you can tell, we are all soooooooo grateful for the amazing job you and your co-workers do. Here's a thought, when you want to book a vacation, just give me a call and I'd be happy to sub in while you are away. LOL!

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Hey Karin and fellow operators!

Thanks for the explanation of some of the causes of the blur. On the other common malfunction cause, do you guys hold out any hope that the cam can be made more reliable during/after the rain? The water hole is such an immersive experience, it's a shame that it's not reliable in all weather conditions, to have the full experience. It's totally understandable that there are malfunctions though. Out in the wilderness, the hardware and computer store is a long ways off, and having a streaming web cam certainly ups the complexity.. Lots of things to go wrong; I'm glad it's as reliable as it is!

It's cool to know our tour guides are local to the hole. I echo all the others! Many thanks for the many tours of the water hole as it is visited by creatures large and small. Hope it's as fun of a job as we imagine. Are the controls connected enough that there could eventually be occasional control of the cam by some users of the Boma? Definitely are times where a late night zoom would be interesting. In any case, I'll have to find my way there one day sooner or later! Beautiful area and great to see all the different animals.

Take care, don't let the lions bite!

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Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Hi Karin, thanks for the post, the info is very much appreciated, I'd like to add my thanks, also, to you and the other cam operators, you guys ROCK, well done and thanks!

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Hello Karin and all other cam operators!
I wanted to thank you guys so much for your hard work and always trying to give us the best view in the house! I'm so jealous, I think you guys have the coolest job. Laughing out loud

Thanks again!

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Karin and everyone at Nkorho....thank you so much for all of your hard work behind the camera....the joy it brings us each day is priceless. Laughing out loud Laughing out loud


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Laughing out loud Hello Karin, nice to meet you!

Thank you and the other techies for the marvellous job you do with the zooming and panning around to show us Nkorho's wonderful fauna!Laughing out loud THANK YOU ALL Laughing out loud

One question: Puzzled: could you give us now and again some feedback about what we see on cam Puzzled: That would be much appreciated. Laughing out loud

Warm wishes from the Netherlands, Europe Laughing out loud

Sparrow Laughing out loud

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Hello Karin,Let me say thank you for the great job you do...If it weren't for you and the other cam operators, we wouldn't get a chance to see all the beatiful animals and great sounds thank you and Africam for the chance to experience this wonderful site....A toast to you!!!!


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