Why we love AfriCam

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Why we love AfriCam

Couldn't resist creating a list of all the reasons AfriCam means so much to us Smiling

The incredible, incredible people behind the scenes. I have the most utmost respect for those behind Sabi Sands for protecting this land that many animals call home. Then of course (but certainly not least), the incredible camera crew. Everything from those impressive elephant bulls to the Shongololo get equally amazing shots.

The fellow cammers! You guys are like family to me Smiling It is a pleasure being in the company of people who are as passionate about the environment as I am.

The animals. With them being the stars of AfriCam, how could I not leave them out? I love them all, from the hyenas to the noisy Egyptian geese to the Cape Buffalo. You just never know who will show up next! Even when there isn't anything visiting the waterhole, how could anyone not like hearing the birds and the crickets? Nature's music!