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Karin - if that's you - you are doing a great job for us this morning thanks so much Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

......... and if you need a break let me know, I'll sub for you Eye-wink

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Karin, I wasn't here for the sightings earlier, but people have posted the pics. Thank you and all the others for the fantastic work you do with the cam. Smiling I wish I was in a different time zone to catch more live shots...LOL! Laughing out loud

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Hi there! Thanks for the message. It was only a pleasure to take you on the early morning safari. We had great sightings this morning, especially the zebras and wildebeests. Did you see the brand new wildebeest calf? It is so special to see the young ones. Happy viewing and thanks again for watching! I will also share your message with the rest of the operators!

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