Rangers by Birth - a disturbing article

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Rangers by Birth - a disturbing article

Mursi, Suri, Nyangatom, Dizi and Me'en have managed the biodiversity in Ethiopia's Omo area for centuries. Is it wise to push them aside in the name of conservation?

The African Parks Foundation of the Netherlands is the brainchild of billionaire Paul van Vlissingen, whose family business is based on liquid petroleum gas distribution and a global retail business. The foundation is partially funded by Rob Walton, the chairman of Wal-Mart, who is also on the board of African Parks Foundation of America. They have been given a contract to manage the Omo National Park and are complicit in using 'suspect' means to displace the local Mursi tribe from their ancient homelands:


The articles are long but very worthwhile reading for those who care about the native peoples of Ethiopia.

The 2nd URL has a link - What You Can Do - for anyone who would care to protest about this.