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Of Birds and More

Hello from a new visitor to your wonderful site. The livecam is superb, the best I have seen. I commend the camera operators for their skill and patience.

As an avid Birdwatcher I have a couple of questions please.

1. Do you regularly get Large Birds such as Vultures and Birds of pray coming to drink? and if so what would be the best time of day (your local time) to look for them.

2. Some of the Bird sounds are very loud. Are they close to the camera? If so during the periods of no mammals around the waterhole would it be possible to show us some of them?

I apologise if you already do this and I just haven't been looking in at the right time.


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Thanks for all the information and the useful links. I hope others were watching last evening when c100 Buffalo came to drink. What a sight.
It was so quiet you could hear them slurping the water and even breathing.
That's some microphone.


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"MPG" wrote:
Hello from a new visitor to your wonderful site.

Welcome to Africam.
We do get vultures and raptors visiting the waterhole. We had a nice sighting of vultures last week.
You can check some pics posted here :

And here you can check the birds that have been identified untill now at the Nkorho Streaming cam :

Difficult to give you a "best time for watching", most of the mammals activity is early morning and late afternoon... but also during daytime critters come and go. Birds also fly on and off and the cam-operators do show us the birds if they can, we even had a Birding Big Day on November 25th Sticking out tongue

If you want to listen to some birds sounds recorded from the Nkorho Cam you can visit following website :
~ Sounds of Nkorho cam ~

Happy Camming !

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