Naledi camera is down due to lack of solar power. It will return when the batteries charge after sunrise

Any suggestions?

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Any suggestions?

I have been fascinated w/ wildlife since i was a child..i can watch documentry after documentry on animals..of all kinds..and would really like to find a profession that would allow me to do something w/ animals...i do not have any type of wildlife background..any ideas on what i could do to get me into a field i would enjoy working in?? Thank you!!

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There are a variety of options in terms of working with wildlife and in wildife areas.

Field Guiding:
Field Guides are primarily responsible for guiding tourists through conservation areas, either on foot or in vehicles.

Game Ranging
Responsible for physical management of conservation areas

Wildlife Manager
The Wildlife Manager is concerned with all the aspects of managing a conservation area. This includes topics such as fire management, suitable game species, game capture and translocation, wildlife diseases and parasites, stocking rates, and the compilation of a wildlife management plan. As a career, a Wildlife Manager is tasked with assessing and analysing conservation areas and developing, designing and implementing strategies according to pre-determined objectives of the reserve.

Game Lodge Manager
Responsible for management of lodges within conservation areas offers these courses in an online distance learning format. offers a wide variety of field guiding courses in an on the ground practical format.

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