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Trying to understand about a pride's territory

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Trying to understand about a pride's territory

Based on some of the previous posts I find myself wondering if the lions we have been seeing might well decide that this is the neighborhood of their dreams and settle in for a very long time. It seems a natural-to live in immediate reach of the water hole and still be able to have a short commute to work (hunt). Is it possible they just won't leave?

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What we can't see from the cam is how great the presence of other lions are. Territories of lion prides range from 20 to 400 Km2 (8 - 150 square miles), depending on prey density. However only the part of the range that the pride is occupying is defended against intruders, male lions keeping other males out and females keeping other females out.

The male lions seen on the cam could fit into a variety of categories, they may be simply transient males without territory or pride affiliation. The Sabi Sands has some of the highest concentration of predators anywhere in the world and competition is high. It is more likely to be social pressures than resources that will dictate whther these lions are able to establish a territory.

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