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I sent a vague comment about something political last night ...It was about a very historic event that happened yesterday. The comment was posted in the waterhole chat, and was rude.
I apologize to the members, moderators and guests that gather here at this site to enjoy the Nkorho pan. Ben

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Joined: Mar 14 2006

I hadn't see this either.

Thanks to both of you. Cerinthe said it all in the best possible way.

hakuna matata Cool

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I just saw your Appology.
I am the one that postet a Reply to your Comment that Night.
I have already privatly (and openly the same Night at the Waterhole )applogized for it but I just saw this post and if you don't mind I would like to follow again and appologize to everyone on the Board about my Part in this Situation.
I have already gotten private PM's and most Folks have forgotten/ forgiven the Incident but like I said I would like to take the opportunity and applogize through this Post to everyone.
Cam addict

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Hi Ben,
Apology accepted from me too.
Cerinthe said it all in her message. Thanks Cerinthe
Happy New Year !

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Thanks, Bronco, apology noted and accepted, good of you to step forward like you did! I agree with Ceri, we've always tried to avoid politics here cause of so many different cultures that come here! Well said, Ceri, thanks!

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Thanks Bronco, it takes a lot of courage to do this and I, and I'm sure everybody else accepts your apology. I know it was said without bad intentions, but we and with that I mean everybody on this forum want this place to be without any prejudices. Here we come to watch nature in all it's facets.
Because we as cammers represent so many different social backgrounds it is best to refrain from any political or religious remarks and this is not said to you, but to everybody else who will read my post.
Bronco, because you went to all the trouble to make this apology, you must have worried about it. Please don't anymore, it's over and done and now we are facing a new year, with many good sightings.
Happy New Year to you and your family and I wish you all the best there is for 2007

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