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Lost In The Forums

Having a hard time staying connected here ..so I will take a chance on be reprimanded for posting here :oops: I finally got back online a couple of hours ago and found that there was big questions about When and Where to post What. I noticed that some of our chit chat from last night had been moved .. and explainations made. Before I got it all sorted out I had unexpected company show up with puppies and small humans in tow. I am back now, but can not find the posts that had the definitive answers LOL. This is MY understanding of how the forums are set up now:(1) The Watering Hole is a forum where those of us that are regulars at the Nkorho Streaming Cam can gather and discuss what we see on Cam, what we think we may see on cam, or just get to know one another. General Chit Chat . (2) Nkorho Sightings and (3) Nkorho Pan Pics, self explainatory. (4) Campfire ..General Chitchat for anyone, about anything, recepie exchanges, birth anouncements, etc. ,not required to have anything at all to do with Africam ? Am I right so far ?

I do not post often, but I watch the Nkorho cam as often as I can since discovering it only a couple of months ago. I always enjoy the chit chat at the Watering Hole. When I come back to the cam I always check the Nkorho Sightings and the Nkorho Pics first, then I head to the Watering Hole to catch up on what everyone else has to say about what was seen, what was heard, and in general catch up on the latest chit chat ! I learn new things about the animals, the Country, the weather, and most of all about the people I am sharing all of this with. I will always watch the cam, as often as I can, but I would be very disappointed if I did not have a chance to get to know the people that I am sharing this incredible experience with.

To make a long story short ..I think there is a LOT of confusion on the titles of the different forums. And hey .... I do NOT consider all the chit chat on the forum as " Girl Gossisp" as one newcomer called it. If you want all tecnical and scientific ..well there are places for that ...me I go for the Shared Experience between people of like minded interests !

OK ..now I shall wait for my connection to come back and hope that this gets posted in a conspicuous place ..or at the least someone will be kind enough to point me in the right direction Laughing out loud

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Please - Dreamer and others - read my final message in the Suggestion box which has now been locked in order to prevent any further antagonism!

This subject is closed for now please - the Moderators have taken all comments and opinions on board and are in serious debate about it - but we would really appreciate it if the subject could be dropped pretty please for the time being as we do not wish that new cammers be put off from posting on the Boma just because a few Africammers/Bomites/Moderators cannot agree on what should, or should not, be allowed here.

The Moderators and/or the owners of Africam will post soon on this subject - in the meantime please be patient and resist the temptation to post further messages on the subject, whatever your opinions may be, if you value this site and want to see it continue.

Remember also that advertisers (who pay revenue to Africam) monitor the site and could be influenced by any negative posts!

You are, however, always welcome to send a PM to any of the Moderators if you have any concerns about the Boma or any other issues and you should be aware that, if they deem it neccessary or they cannot answer your question/concern, the Moderator/s will always pass your concerns on to the owners of Africam.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

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Where to start ? I feel really guilty, for one, it seems all this started with my post about missing the Cheetahs, and an off the cuff remark about my Son and a trip to Africa.
So I guess I will start with an apology. To the staff, the Moderators, and anyone else I may have offended.

I have read and reread my post at the beginning of this thread. I don't get it , did I say something that provoked all these bad feelings ? If I did I am truly sorry for that also. No ill intent was intended. I trully was, and honestly I still am, very confused. I really do get lost in parking lots, and forums.
I am very grateful for the Cam, the people that put it there, the people who operate it, the people that manage these boards for us, and most of all, the people that come to this place to share their awe and excitement.

Now with all that said, I hope to see you all over the campfire !!!! Shucks, I can't swim anyway so I think I better stay away from the waterhole LOL.


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I'm new and I also have gotten confused. Some of my chat from last night did get moved into The Campfire. It's okay by me.

I do find it VERY easy to get off topic, when nothing is going on in the cam and you just kind of start chatting with others. I've seen it happen quite a few times by both myself...and others. I think it's natural.

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While everyone here seems to be coming down on Sueso, I guess some of you missed the comments that provoked some of what she's written. Let me give you a taste (note the use of caps, sigrun):

"Sueso, it looks like ONE chit-chat forum (the campfire) is not enough for you chatters! I don't know wether to laugh or cry about that!"

"OMG leopardlass, and you filled all those pages here with dreaming?!
Please tell me, what's wrong with the campfire?"

"you missed the point,.sorry for you@"

"43 pages and no animals just noise."

"What will you do when we delete the conversations afterwards?"

"I do read these conversations you know and I know very well how it goes off-topic. Like it is going off-topic now.
So, anybody with a little respect to his or her fellow bomites, chat where you should chat."

The last comment was Cerinthe's and gave the entire boma a "my way or the highway" edict. Compare that to the empathetic and obviously "people-friendly" posts that followed by both Katja and Gerda. It wasn't WHAT was being said, it was how Cerinthe chose to say it. Whether or not she was simply "following orders" is completely irrelevant to the disrespect she showed members--and yet I have seen no one come down on her the way you have on Sueso. ::shaking my head::

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Joined: Feb 17 2006

Hi Ingwe.. I totally agree with you!


Study nature,love nature,stay close to nature. It will never fail you!           

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Joined: Mar 14 2006

When dung hits the fan it isn't always distributed evenly, which seems to be the case here.

I agree with Bascia's suggestion of having everyone read the rules first. If there were no rules there would be no fun, and The Boma is a place of meeting, and joy and fun.

I agree it is so easy to go off topic, everybody does it sometimes, and now we know that we have to take it to the Campfire.

Cerinthe is following the rules and doing her best to keep The Boma a happy place to meet in for all of us.

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Joined: Feb 18 2006

To Sueso, I agree with Gerda and Katja, Ceri doesn't make the rules, the management makes them , the Mods just try to enforce them as best we can! You were not very polite to Ceri, she was not out of line, unfortunately or otherwise, I didn't see the original post but even the WW2 reference is out of line here!

The rules are simple, as stated above!

Thank you. L

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i'm sorry but I think you are not being very polite, especially to Cerinthe. The things you wrote in your first post (it's edited now) were not appropriate here.

The rules from the boma are not that difficult to understand.

The watering hole is a chit-chat forum for things that are happening on the streaming Nkorho cam.
The campfire is our general chit-chat forum.
The sightings forum is only to post sightings and their time.

is that so hard to understand and to follow ?

That is all we ask and we as moderators just follow the rules.


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Joined: Oct 21 2006

Simple solution to everything....

Have Africam make everyone read the rules before authorizing each and every member..
Simple and no more problems, then people will know where to post what..
on the Boma Forum


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I was upset to see some of the responses on this thread. This is a free thing that they are giving us. It is awesome and I never had a problem with where to post and where to chit chat.

Using the capital letters to me is rude because it is like you are yelling at someone. Take a deep breath and read the sticky threads. And if you still have questions, be polite when asking.

I am very thankful to all the moderators here on this board as well as the camera operators because they do a great job and it is because of them that we all get to see what we see. Thank you for your hard work, it is very much appreciated.

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