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Questions for Staff at Lodge

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Questions for Staff at Lodge

How deep is the waterhole?

What are the dimensions?

Is it a natural spring that remains full of water year round?

The lodge is part of a game preserve - do you hunt the animals or is it strictly pictures and study of nature?

How often do the animals wander too close to the lodge? Do the baboons become bothersome?

Are tourists ever allowed to actually walk to the waterhole?

Thank you so much for your time to respond to these questions.


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Based on animals I have seen standing in it, The waterhole is about 3 feet deep in the center. It's about 70 x 50 feet in size.

It is not a spring. There is a buried water pipe that is used to fill the pond when needed. Right now the rain is doing a pretty good job.

As far as I know, hunting is not permitted in Sabi Sand or in Kruger.

I have never seen a tourist on foot, and is seems to me that walking about might be a foolish idea. Once you step foot outside of the Land Rover, you become part of the food chain.

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Me too!

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great questions. Im curious too. Smiling

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