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Nkhoro animal migration cycle

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Nkhoro animal migration cycle

Hello All! Fantastic webcam/forums. Thank you to those who made this possible.

I notice that the animals generally tend to migrate across the fields in front of the lodge (from left to right) and pass to the left of the Nkhoro pan.

Is there some pattern that they follow in their movement, say in a large circular pattern, with Nkhoro pan and the lodge being in its path?

If I look at the Google Earth photos, it appears that there are other watering holes a few kilometers away in two or three directions.

Can someone give the "big picture" of the animal movement in the daily scheme of things?


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The short answer is that the movement of the game seem on the cam is largely related to three factors, their territorial nature, habitat preference and home range.

These factors define the boundries of their movements and the resources available within the home range dictate where and when they'll be present.

From this point on it's up to each species individual ecology as the size of the territory and home range and thus the frequency with which they might be seen on the cam.

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Hi mysore!

This is a nice site to look at, and it gives a bit of insight as to where the waterhole is located. Sabi Sands borders with the Kruger National Park which is roughly about the size of Ireland, and the animals are free to roam wherever they wish.

It is the summer rainy season at the moment so the animals are able to find more water in the bush than during the winter months.

It's true we see the same animals regularly and someone who knows more than I will answer your question in more detail Eye-wink


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