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Campaigner to raise hunting issue

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Campaigner to raise hunting issue

An African animal campaigner is coming to Scotland to raise awareness of the canned hunting industry.

Chris Mercer wants to inform Scots about the practice where tame or drugged animals are enticed into an enclosed area to be shot by hunters.

Some animals, including lions, are bred especially for the industry and animal groups claim others are on the endangered species list.

He hopes pressure can be put on South Africa to ban the practice.

He also wants people to lobby the UK Government to ban the import of African wildlife trophies and to encourage aid to Africa to be subject to environmental conditions, including a ban on all trophy hunting.

Edinburgh-based Advocates for Animals has sponsored the talks which are being held at the Radisson SAS hotel, Glasgow, on Monday and the Learmonth Hotel, Edinburgh, on Tuesday. Both talks begin at 1900 BST.

The industry is highly lucrative and Mr Mercer and lobby group advocates said it would not flourish without the support of European and American hunters.

Mr Mercer told BBC Scotland's news website "In many cases the animals are enticed into the area with bait then shot with guns or bows and arrows. If they have cubs, the cubs are killed too.

"I want to expose this hideous cruelty. Animal cruelty goes on all over the world but only in South Africa is this cruelty institutionalised.

"It is promoted, permitted, encouraged and fostered by the South African government."

Advocates' director, Ross Minett, said "We fully supports Chris' important campaign to end this horrific blood sport, and we hope that the talks are highly successful in increasing public awareness of the issue within Scotland."

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I'm really sorry I missed him, I would have gone to UK to listen to them. Sad
I can't find on their site whether they do the European continent as well

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