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Question for Sparrow and Fani

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Question for Sparrow and Fani

I was looking through pan pics and couldn't help notice that your two pics were always of much better quality and clearity than others pics of the same event. Can either of you shed light on this? What are you using to view the live stream? what program are you using to take the still shots?

Your photos are so remarbly clear and colorful, their great!


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Laughing out loud Hi Night_Lily,

I always watch the cam on Windows Medis Player, but never full screen.

The capture program I use is called PrintScreen from Gadwin. A very friendly program...

If necessary I sharpen the pics a bit.

So, nothing special here..., just like Fani. Laughing out loud

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Hi Night lily

I don't know if there is something special I do .. Smiling

I always use my Toshiba satellite...laptop where pics are always better than my old monitor at desktop

I watch the cam either on Africam window or on Real palyer when I have difficulties with hiccups (and never from or windows media player .)

I like the size of Africam window so I use the same or a lttle smaller on Real player too (smaller than 130%) Bigger windows give lower quality of picture

I use MWsnap program....mainly the 'repeat last' button for better and quick snapshots and the auto save mode...(Maybe you have to adjust the delay before snapping Tools /settings )

I always try to snap when there is n't too much moving so the pic is clearer

I never change the pics with a photo editor the colours look not natural (I haven't got a good one) and pics gain a lot of kb more and it is difficult then for people with slow internet connection to upload the page

I get a lot of pictures and I choose the better ... Eye-wink

Sorry for my bad english ...

I wish you good snapshots in future ...better than mine Laughing out loud


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