Naledi, Nkorho and Idube Cams are down. Olifants River cam is down due to damaged fiber switches. We are working on solutions.

Exactly how does it get from the waterhole to me?

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Exactly how does it get from the waterhole to me?

I'm trying to understand more details how this is brought to us. Please confirm or correct my assumptions, and answer a few questions if you can.

The camera, lights, and microphone are connected to the lodge by buried cable.

Nkorho Pan's connection to the Internet is by a satellite uplink and downlink providing two way communication, and web access to both staff and guests. The streaming video goes from the satellite to a downlink in Johannesburg.

Who in Johannesburg receives it, and where do they send it next? I'm guessing to the hosting server(s) via fiber optic cable, or are the servers here also?

I presume and are being hosted by the same server in Johannesburg, and here is where the streaming video is being put on a high-speed backbone to the Internet.

What is the connection between Wavelit and Africam, who owns them, and where does funding come from to make this wonderful gift to the world happen?