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Namaqualand Flowers

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Namaqualand Flowers

The post of flower books reminded me of some books on Namaqualand

Namaqualand in Flower
Author: Sima Eliovson
Publication: January 1972, Macmillan, Johannesburg
ISBN-10: 0869540017
ISBN-13: 9780869540015

Garden of the Gods
Author: Freeman Patterson
Publication Date: 1984, Key Porter Books
# ISBN-10: 0919493378
# ISBN-13: 978-0919493377

Namaqualand, South African Wildflower Guide 1
West Coast, South African Wildflower Guide 7
Nieuwoudtville, Bokkeveld Plateau & Hantam, South African Wildflower Guide 9

Botanical Society of S. Africa

Cape Bulbs
Author: Richard L. Doutt
Publication Date: 1994, Timber Press
# ISBN-10: 0881922455
# ISBN-13: 978-0881922455