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Hello Everyone From Prince Edward Island, Canada

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Hello Everyone From Prince Edward Island, Canada

Hi everyone!! I'm so glad a friend of mine introduced me to this site. It is awesome. I've always wanted to go to Africa on a safari and now I can sit back in the comfort of my own home and see all the fasinating animals of Africa. I love animals of all kinds and I know my addiction has only started. I am 39 years old and live in South Freetown, PEI, Canada.

Danielle (Dani) Laughing out loud

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Hi Janew,

Wow you visited PEI 20 years ago. You would notice a big change now. Charlottetown has grown and is now on what we use to call the outskirts of town (the country). It's a busy city and seems to be turning into a mini metropolitan. I lived in Charlottetown for awhile but my husband and I decided we'd like the country life better so we moved to South Freetown, west of Charlottetown, and have been here for seven years. We love it. Even though I live on PEI and Annne of Green Gables has been in my life for somtime now I still love going to see the play. Anyone who comes to visit from away and wants to see it, I'm right there to take them.


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Dani...welcome to Africam!! I've been watching for about 2 months myself and I'm hooked. I go to Africa every night!:}

Ohhh...I went to PEI almost 20 yrs ago with a friend and stayed in Charlottetown. Very beautiful area!!! Loved Anne of Green Gables movie for months afterwards......

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Welcome to Africam!

Happy camming!

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Joined: Mar 14 2006

Hi Dani,

Welcome to Africam Laughing out loud

Happy camming.

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Joined: Oct 4 2006

Hello & welcome to Africam Dani!

How are things in the land of potatoes? I have never been to PEI. The closest we have been is Halifax. Someday we will visit your lovely province. Laughing out loud

Happy Camming.

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