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SA Bird Checklists?

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Do you all have a checklist that you work on? Having one would help me remember and learn what I'm seeing. I found this website and they have downloads of checklists, but, I can't make out which if any would be appropriate for viewing Nkorho. [url] http://www.birdlife.org.za/index.php?p[IGcms_nodes][IGcms_nodesUID]=898068554359ab9e3f74ed03c06e7dad[/url]

Anyone have any ideas please? I'm so used to my Roger Tory Petersen Guides and Checklists, I'm lost without one.

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SA Bird Checklists?

suggestion: Why not just ask Nkorho for their listing?

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Area Birdlist

With little difficulty,I could find and scan a birdlist I got whilst at an SA lodge very near Nkhoro,if that would help?(it would have some markings on birds I saw whilst there) Probably better if I emailed it,to anyone who'd like it. Best way to let me know would be to private message me with requests,so as not to plug up the board.

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SA Bird Checklists?

Laughing out loud Smalldog & Fani, may I add another existing list?

On the 25th of November 2006 we had a Birding Big Day at Nkorho cam. You can find all identified birds of that day here at the bottom of page 2:

Of course since that day many others were identified... Eye-wink ...and many will be in the future! Laughing out loud

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SA Bird Checklists?

Thanks, Fani! Smiling

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SA Bird Checklists?

smalldog...here you can find the checklist of the Southern African birds with all the new common and latin names


click on
Roberts VII species list - Southern African birds

of course if you are used to the Clemmends taxonomy order ....like me it would be a little difficult to find everything ...so I still use the Avibase although many names are still old


For the bird we have seen on Nkorho you can check the Dada base
or the thread

For pictures to help you ID, there are a lot of sites...
But I use the Mango verde

For books ...I can't tell anything ...I haven't got a book about South African birds until now

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