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Giant Anteaters

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Giant Anteaters

Does anyone know if Giant Anteaters are indiginous to the area around Nkoro?

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Hi landy et al,
During past years of Africam i have seen the aardvark several times and also at least twice, that i am sure of, saw the pangolin from shots on Virtual game drive cam and have them in my photo archives. Fantastic animals..!! ..both!!!


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As far as I am aware Giant Anteaters are indigenous to South and Central America, so you wouldn't find them at the Nkorho Cam.

The two mammals which you may find at the cam whose diet is predominantly termites and ants are the Aardvark and the Pangolin - both are nocturnal, extremely shy and seldom seen.

I was a guide in the area for about 5 years and saw Aardvark on four separate occassions and never once saw a Pangolin.


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