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Hello from Vermont

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Hello from Vermont

I am busy trying to get things up and running for our elementary school here. We are planning an Arficam party early some AM before school starts and hope for animals (like today, wow was it active).
Busy trying to get through all the computer problems though, "Media Inactive" being the biggest one.
I am getting there, slowly but surely and hope to have the students tuned in within a week or so.
I am having way too much fun with this not to share it with the little ones. Smiling

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I have some pic's I need to post shortly of the kids all dressed up in there safari outfits and hats, binoculars and up to there necks in stuffed crocks. Will post them as soon as I can.
Howdy from the classrooms of Canada.

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Welcome Rick and your school, stay tuned, you won't regret it. The streaming webcam is taking education into another level.

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