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I am new here

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I am new here

Hi all!!!!

First off.. thank you for allowing me to join.
Secondly... I am not sure I understand all of this.. is there 2 cams here? I am seeing Nkorho Pan right now.. but earlier is was called the watering hole.. but this IS a watering hole... Sorry... this is only the second time I have ever been on here.
Third... When are the best times to be on the site to see animals.. I have yet to see anything but a few brids.

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welcome to Africam...You are probably seeing impala...

Animals come at all times below is what time the animals come

Hyena- usually Night..although can be seen during the day
Elephant-Night and day
Reedbuck-Day and night
Lion-night and day
Zebra-Day Sometimes at night
vervet monkey-day

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Hi!!! I am new too. I haven't seen any animals yet.

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Joined: Oct 16 2005

Rosie, the Watering hole forum is where we chat about what happens on Nkorho Pan Cam.
You can always introduce youself in the New Users forum, see link

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Thank you penny!!!

That is some good information for me!!

I am really enjoying it right now... I can't wait to see more animals... at the moment I am watching... well deer or gazelles or something.. LOL.. I am a canadian so I really don't know what they are exactly.. LOl.. I will learn in time

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Welcome Rosie - Only one cam here that is controlled and can zoom around and go right up so that we can see even the flies on the carcas that the lion were eating. Just to explain, there has been a lot of rain so there is a lot of casual water lying around so the animals do not need to use the waterhole specifically although some do through habit! But wait till the dry months when all that casual water dries up then you will see a never ending succession of animals slaking their thirst! I have seen animals at all times of the day.

I hope you enjoy the cam as much as we do!

Yours in Parking

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