Tembe cam has limited to no control of the cam at times. Nkorho cam has connection problems. We are working on a solution.

Suggestion for new Forum? For AfriCam's cam pics..?

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Suggestion for new Forum? For AfriCam's cam pics..?

cerinthe wrote:
Thanks Elaine, that's what I saw, but never thought of saving it. Maybe we can start a topic under the birding section or is this to do with cams?

i suggest to you and cameraman..a new and separate Forum.."AfriCam Webcam Pics"
Then under that use only two DAILY topics..

1. "Sightings on AfriCam cams:, 13 april Thursday" (as an example.here post AfriCam 'PICS' only) Sightings from BlackEagle, Pyramid, osprey, Bald Eagle, Tau, LeopardCam, any cams from menu on AfriCam homepage.

2. "Chitchat re: AfriCams' sightings: 13 april Thursday" .
(Then we needn't scroll thru the miscellaneous Campfire Forum's Chitchat to find AfriCam pics info, ID's , etc. . Especially to help those with dialup connections. )

People can get used to this way of posting as the AfriCam cams grow in number. New cams' pics will still get posted to this same space as they come online.

This example above has proven to work well on the Kruger/SanParks Forums. And when people roam off topic, they are asked by the moderators to remove their posts and move the posts to the Campfire Forum's Chitchat daily area.

Cam problems , questions, etc. would still be posted to same Forum area as they are now.