Naledi and Nkorho Cams are down. We are working on solutions.

Camera work ?

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Camera work ?

I was wondering if they are having camera problems does anyone from the lodge let us know ? There has been so many problems lately & I only read the one message when ; Wavelit was on saying they are working on the problem. Now, it seems that everyone is having this horrible audio loud uzz & at night the camera is terrible. It is disappointing to most, I'm sure. When you finally get a minute in our busy lives to sit down & enjoy the wondrful is not so wonderful anymore.
Don't get me wrong.. I love Africam..I just think it would be real nice if someone could take a moment as the problems arise , to let us know that they are aware & what may be happening. I thought the answers would be in this message area but, do not see anything recent at all. Maybe it is SO early that my eyes aren't working ... I think that most people would just like to know that the Africam operators are aware that there is a problem so, that we don't think it is going un- noticed and, may last a long time. Thank you all for your time. Sorry, for the typos..I am just getting my day started Shocked).



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Karin posted this message to explain why the camera showed the ground the last few nights.

Hi Cammers! Before I say anything else, I first need to apologise and explain why you have been staring at the ground for hours these last few evenings. Unfortunately we had a few power dips lately and when it happens between late evening and 5 in the morning there is no one to reset and move the camera. Really sorry about this. And once again the auto mode doesn't work when needed to switch over to night mode, so I did it manually again and hope we will be able to see clearly.

I can assure you that we moderators will post any info on technical problems we might have. If we don't post anything, it means we don't know either what the problem is.

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I agree with you! It's so wonderful to see all those animals, but lately and especially at night the cam is rather not working than it does work Puzzled It's sometimes kinda disappointing to see it down again, especially for the people 12 hours behind.

I hope this will be fixed soon!

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