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To See Every Bird on Earth

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To See Every Bird on Earth

I finished reading "To See Every Bird on Earth: A Father, a Son, and a Lifelong Obsession" by Dan Koeppel.
(ISBN 0-452-28539-9)

This book was an interesting read. Besides the main story there is a lot of information about the beginning of birding and the people that dedicated their lives to the birds. I personally try to photograph and identify as many birds as I can so it was very interesting to see how people who go just for the sightings go about it. Overall I recommend this book.

From the back cover:
"Richard Koeppel's obsession began at age twelve, when he first spotted a Brown Thrasher, and jotted the sighting in a notebook. One failed marriage and two sons later, he set out to see every bird on earth, becoming a member of a subculture of competitive bird-watchers worldwide. Over twenty-five years, he collected more than seven thousand species, becoming one of about ten people ever to do so.

To See Every Bird on Earth explores the thrill of this chase, a crusade at the expense of all else. A riveting glimpse into a fascinating subculture, the book traces the love, loss, and reconnection between a father and son, and explains why birds are so critical to the human search for our place in the world."

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yeah I read that recently, great biridng book, focuses on his feelings and what got him through the 'obsession' of trying to see lots and lots of birds. It envigorated a passion inside myself to travel the world even more, surelty not a bad thing?
I say 'obsession' like that because there is a fine line between ticking for the sake of numbers and appreciating the diversity of life in front of your eyes.

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