Nkorho Cam is down. Tembe Cam has no audio. We are working on solutions.


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Extract from an email

"I recently deleted a spyware program and I believe that was about the time I started having problems with the WMP. I don't know why it would have deleted something to do with the media player but that was my best lead.

I ended up re-installing WMP 11 (downloaded again from microsoft update area) over the old install. That didn't work. So I un-installed it first, and then re-installed it --- and it worked! That was after spending the night changing I don't know how many different settings on security / the wmp settings and so forth, to no avail.

I'm glad I got it working again! I planned to email you when I finished up with my emails tonight. I got to this new email of yours just now as I was finishing up so your timing was perfect for me to reply to you.

Thought you might like to know that simply un-installing and then re-installing was my solution, in case it might help someone else. Apparently the spyware programs I've run recently had an effect on it; and / or deleting that one spyware program caused the problem."


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