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Not a Meet exactly.... but an invitation

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Not a Meet exactly.... but an invitation

My Africammer friend has had to cancel her booking for our 10 day trip to Kruger due to health reasons, which is based mostly in the bushcamps, in late July/early August this year.

The trip is to be guided by Wildlife Campus and eco-training graduate Bushpig (Barbara) - and her husband, Wildlife Campus Graduate and Cordon-Bleu cook Brett, who will be acting as our Camp Manager.

This trip is very affordable and there is also the opportunity, if required, to visit Capetown and the Cape Leopard Trust in the Cederberg Mountains for a few days prior to the Kruger trip.

Anyone who may be interested in joining us can email me on for further details and costs.

We can accomodate a couple or 2 singles but you will need to have a sense of adventure; a desire to meet new friends/link up with old (Africam) freinds; be fit enough to walk through the Cederberg mountains (an average level of fitness will suffice) to check the Cape Leoprd Trust camera traps; help with the work that they do in the conservation of the endangered Cape Leopards; be prepared to 'muck-in' as this is a participation trip and be prepared to take each day as it comes.
A Good Sense Of Humour and a relaxed attitude are also essential of course!

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is contemplating their first visit to Africa, or is on a limited budget, or who has only been on [expensive] tours organised through Travel Agencies but wishes to see South ASfrica at it best!

Participants will only have to pay their 'fair share' of the costs, including internal travel if required, + their air-fares where appropriate as it is a non-profit making trip which has been organised among Wildlife Campus/Africam friends.