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New Africam

I just can't get the hang of this new Africam. Don't visit anymore. Just too
darn complicated to use. Will check back in a couple of months to see if it is more user friendly. I have been with Africam since its start. But, this is just too complicated for me. Bye. I work 50 to 60 hours a week. I need an Africam like the old one that I can click on and enjoy withouth an hour of trying to find my old posts and so on. This is just too complicated!!!!!!!!! Sad

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when this Boma has opened for you..think of the link at top left as your homepage or a starting point for this Boma. That link says: " Forum Index. (No, this is not a replacement for your homepage. )
When you click on that link, the page that opens shows you a list of all the different forums that we read and post to, with a brief description of what is posted there.

Choose one that interests you such as "The Campfire" (general chitchat about anything) and a list will open of all the topics there that you can access by clicking on :The Campfire.

The next page that opens shows you a list of all The TOPICS people are discussing. To see the most recent posting to any topic look at the right hand column. There is the date and name of person who posted it. If you start there you can scroll up or down to read all the other posts to that TOPIC before that last one.

Whenever you get lost, simply go back to the " Forum index" and start over again. That link for the forum index is at the top and the bottom of each page.

Each day under Campfire you will find a daily chitchat TOPIC heading where the people who used the old boma post to.
Example of the title: Saturday's Chitchat, 22 april 2006. The first person who wishes to post on that day starts it as a 'new topic'. After opening and reading someone's post that you wish to reply to..simply click on REPLY and type in your answer.

OR to reply using the QUOTE on quote (on the right above the message) and it will open a new form and show you the msg . that you are replying to and type your reply below it. If the QUOTE boxes for the reply become too large you can highlight and delete the parts that you are no longer answering.

I hope this helps you, Sky, to become accustomed to this Boma.
If any questions just ask..there are many cammers here who can help you.

(OK, Florian, Help? what have I forgotten to mention? I left out the Avatars and posting pics instructions for the moment. )


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