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Hi! Just want to let you know how much my kids and I enjoy this site! Every morning I can get them out of bed by telling them that they can check Africam before school. The boys are 6 yr old triplets and full of questions. Their grandparents have been to Africa a couple of times and now they ask them questions about the amimals they see on Africam. So a great big thank you to the camera people for your time and dedication! you make 3 little boys very happy!!!

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yes, Africam is nice to see,
but its about time feel the Air and the heat, as well as the sound, when an Elephant tears down a tree like a Caterpillar Earth mover. Natural Force unhanded.

Thats what it makes real unforgettable....

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Wow Ktbantree, triplets :shock:

That's awesome to hear how much they are enjoying Africam. What a great learning tool, and it sounds like Grandma & Grandpa will have lots to share with them.

Welcome to Africam and I wish you and the boys endless hours of animal & bird sightings. Laughing out loud

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