Lock certain threads?

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Lock certain threads?

Just wondering if it isn't too much work or difficult, if moderators might be permitted to routinely lock certain threads?

Waterhole Daily Discussion: When the camera is inactive for longer than a half hour (or whatever time is deemed appropriate) if a mod were to lock that thread with a final note saying something like "there appear to be technical difficulties with the camera. We are therefore locking this thread. Please enjoy the other forums here and for general chat, please visit the Campfire forum. Questions about Technical issues may be posted in either the BOMA or CAMERA forums." And if it is possible to UNLOCK a thread, when the camera becomes active again, that would be terrirfic.

This way, there might be no confusion as to where hold the general chat that happens when the cam is down and where to go for answers to camera questions. And if the thread has a note from a moderator and is locked, this might avoid having the same question asked over and over again for hours "Is the camera down?"

Daily threads in Waterhole and in Campfire: When a day has ended and a *NEW DAY* thread has been started for the discussions, the sightings, the still and video captures, perhaps a moderator could lock the prior day's threads to avoid confusion?

I was also wondering if there is a setting that would restrict starting New Topics to moderators and administrators in certain forums? If so, perhaps the way to keep the WATERHOLE forums limited to Pan discussions, etc., might be to change the settings to permit only moderators and administrators starting NEW TOPICS in WATERHOLE only, while members can only reply to topics started there. But, members can start NEW TOPICS everywhere else?

Just a thought.