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Funny (in hindsight) birding experience!

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Funny (in hindsight) birding experience!

My wife and I were at a small game reserve in Kwa-zulu Natal called Hluhluwe. I have always been a keen birder, my all-time favourite being the Gorgeous Bush Shrike ( which is notoriously difficult to take a photo of due to it's ability to blend into the foliage) because of it's colour and call.
We had parked up under a tree in the shade and were surprised to find a pair of them fly down next to the car and perform, facing each other, what I think was a mating dance. I brought the camera up slowly...clicked the button, over and over again to find that technology had given up on would not work!!!! A perfect photo gone.
Anyway they flew off while I cursed the camera, but it is still very vivid now, about 7 years later.


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Great story. Sort of similar to a "fish story" the one that got a way. Smiling

I'm glad you were able to see that and share it with us through your memories, if not pictures.

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Hello Craig,

What a wonderful sighting!
I envy you because I have never seen a Gorgeous Bush Shrike. :mrgreen:

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